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$20 or more a month... 

get a box of Clean Water Chocolates from Chocolatay!

Donated $20/month or more?

Order your Chocolates here!

Your support makes our work possible!

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Monthly Sustainers keep the projects going

Champion - $5 a month
Defender - $10 a month

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Get your Clean Water Chocolates


Benefactor - $20 a month or more


Angel - $50 a month or more

You will be directed to chocolate order form after you make your donation.  

Chocolate you can feel good about!

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"Eur A Nut" Gift Box*

A monthly donation of $20 or more.


A collection of house made traditional European style pralines and marzipan. The box includes three of the following: Dark Chocolate Almond Praline, Cherry Marzipan Squares and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline.


Contains: Milk, Almonds, Hazeluts

*While supplies last. If this box is no longer avaialbe, another box from the "nuts collection" will be substituted. 

The Confections Box*

A monthly donation of $20 or more.


3pcs. each of: mini sunflower crunch cups, pineapple coconut clusters and mini coconut bliss bars


Contains: Milk

*While supplies last. If this box is no longer avaialbe, another box from the "assorted collection" will be substituted. 

Peppermint Meltaways* 9pc gift box

A monthly donation of $20 or more.


A 9 pc gift ready box of our ever popular Peppermint Meltaways!


Made with Fair Trade dark chocolate, Organic coconut oil and Organic peppermint oil and dusted with Organic powdered sugar.


Vegan Friendly!


Please note: All of our chocolates would be considered unsafe for those with dairy allergies, chocolate is produced on the same equipment as others containing MILK

*While supplies last. If this box is no longer avaialbe, another box from the "vegan collection" will be substituted. 

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We are Matthew & Danielle a Chocolatier duo and parents of a teenager with a severe peanut allergy. In 2013 we started making chocolates that were safe for him to eat and as good (if not better!) than the chocolates we grew up eating.


Today we strive to handcraft chocolates and confections that surprise and delight while maintaining socially, ethically and environmentally responsible business practices.


We specialize in peanut free, small batch chocolates and confections made using traditional candy making techniques and mindfully sourced ingredients from both near and far. ​

We operate and manage an online store and can be found at the Chapel Hill and Durham Farmers Market on Saturday mornings all year round. 

 Dear Friend,


This box of Clean Water Chocolates is not just a sweet treat to bring you joy. It supports the Appropriate Sanitation Institute's clean water projects, and will be working all year long to improve health and the environment around the world.

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